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The Wiggin Sessions

The Wiggin Sessions connects key thinkers and industry experts for a deep dive into history, politics, economics, and philosophy — and discusses their real-world impact on financial markets and our lives.

Join your host, Addison Wiggin, each Monday for a new episode of The Wiggin Sessions where he interviews such great minds as Juan Enriquez, George Gilder, Jim Rickards, James Altucher, Bill Bonner, Porter Stansberry, Dan Denning, Mark Moss, Martin Armstrong, Marin Katusa and many more.

Follow along daily in The Daily Missive from The Wiggin Sessions.

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About Addison Wiggin

Addison Wiggin is a best-selling writer, publisher, and filmmaker, with nearly three decades of experience in financial publishing.

Addison Wiggin is an American writer, publisher, and filmmaker. He has been covering the financial markets, the economy and politics for three decades. An acclaimed New York Times best-selling author, his books include: The Demise of the Dollar, just released in its 3rd Edition covering the dollar from the “bailouts to the pandemic and beyond. Mr. Wiggin is also the co-author, with Bill Bonner, of the best-sellers Financial Reckoning DayEmpire of Debt. He wrote The Little Book of the Shrinking Dollar in the Wiley Little Book series. Addison is also the writer and executive producer of the documentary I.O.U.S.A., an exposé on the national debt, shortlisted for an Academy Award in 2008. He lives in Baltimore, Maryland with his family. Addison started his latest project, The Wiggin Sessions, powered by The Essential Investor, in March 2020. He films from a homegrown studio in his basement.

Latest Release by Addison Wiggin

Demise of the Dollar

From the Bailouts to the Pandemic and Beyond

In the newly revised third edition of Demise of the Dollar: From the Bailouts to the Pandemic and Beyond, New York Times bestselling author Addison Wiggin delivers an engrossing account of the American dollar’s current state, the growing trade deficit between the USA and other countries, the rising influence of China, and other structural flaws underpinning the foundation of the greenback. This new edition contains extensive post-pandemics updates drawn from hundreds of interviews the author has conducted with leading financial voices as part of his podcast, The Wiggin Sessions. As well as, specific strategies deployed in the author’s paid investment advisory, The Essential Investor.

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