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The Demise of the Dollar

From the Pandemic to the Bailouts & Beyond

Wiggin, Addison

ISBN: 9781394174652
Published by Wiley, New York, 2006 / 2023

It’s a modern enigma. How can the US dollar be subject to historic inflation – with prices for everything from eggs and energy to houses and stocks rising – while at the same time growing stronger as the “reserve currency” of the global economic system?

In the newly revised third edition of Demise of the Dollar: From the Bailouts to the Pandemic and Beyond, bestselling author Addison Wiggin delivers an engrossing account of the American dollar’s current state, the growing trade deficit between the USA and other countries, the rising influence of China, and other structural flaws underpinning the foundation of the greenback. In the book, you’ll explore how all these factors combine to weaken the dollar domestically and while posing significant challenges to economies, friendly or otherwise, around the world.

Demise of the Dollar offers specific guidance on how to handle your money in an economic arena where the average American consumer is addicted to spending beyond their means and foreign countries ultimately control the economic fate of the United States. You’ll learn where to put your money where its more likely to survive and thrive during increasingly frequent economic downturns and crises.

This new edition contains extensive post-pandemics updates drawn from hundreds of interviews the author has conducted with leading financial voices as part of his podcast, The Wiggin Sessions. As well as, specific strategies deployed in the author’s paid investment advisory, The Essential Investor. The new information puts many recent events into historical perspective.

An essential and enthralling discussion of the American dollar, debt, economics, foreign and monetary policy, and personal finance, Demise of the Dollar will earn a place in the libraries of anyone interested in the history, present, and future of the United States. It also offers timely and practical advice on how to best protect your nest egg in an increasingly volatile world.

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