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Cult of Personality

Discover how a unique interview in Argentina led Tucker Carlson to explore a diverse voting bloc shaking up the country’s politics. Dive into a thought-provoking article challenging...

Leaving the Party (Not A Moment Too Soon)

Read how a Washington elite thrived, while the people suffered—politicians prospered, jobs vanished, and factories closed, leaving citizens without victories.

My Fellow Liberal

Democrats used to be the party of peace and “free speech”. Now they’re advocating war and censorship. Republicans used to care about limited government and fiscal responsibility....

Clusterf*ck Nation

Ignore politics at your peril — dive into a no-holds-barred take on the Biden administration’s ongoing investigation and the role of a complicit legacy news media.

Your Future As Peasants

The ongoing debate between climate ‘alarmists’ and ‘deniers’, the implications of a potential climate crisis lockdown and the future of free speech.

Garbage In, Garbage Out

What do we learn from climate change models? Financial and economic forecast for armchair climatologists.

Rapid Intensification

A $130 trillion to enforce regulations for a Net-Zero 2050 agenda. What could go wrong? Financial and economic forecasts for the “climate change” impaired.

Outboard Motors & Broken Pipes

We’ve been using AI apps, we like ‘em. Financial and economic forecasts as AI companies wend their way through the innovation bubble phase. Take a look…

Crabcakes & Volatility

Financial and economic forecasts for “Baltimorons.” Plus, GDP is NOT the complete measure of spending in the economy—it measures FINAL output only.

Smash and Grab Bag

What gives with the ‘smash and grab’ economy? Financial and economic forecasts if the wave of violence continues to plague the nation’s retailers.

Moutai Malaise

Financial and economic forecasts for Chinese communists. Plus, opening libertarian-minded independent financial press in Beijing.

Uptown Cheapskate

Financial and economic forecasts for cheapskates. Plus, 1 trillion dollars of credit card debt across the nation.

Eastbound And Down

The Chinese economy is on the verge of a meltdown. Financial and economic forecasts for what happens next and how it impacts the US economy. Plus, a...

The School of Hard Knocks

Financial and economic forecasts for gunslingers. Plus, trading in weather derivatives?