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Fortunes Will Be Made… And Lost

By February 9, 2022February 8th, 2023No Comments

“There is a tide in the affairs of men, which taken at the flood, leads on to fortune. Omitted, all the voyage of their life is bound in shallows and in miseries. On such a full sea are we now afloat. And we must take the current when it serves, or lose our ventures.”

— William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar

Addison WigginDear Reader,

Tomorrow’s the day The Wiggin Sessions changes forever. We’re inviting the public to view our interviews and share their feedback.

And the warning we’re going to share might be our most important yet.

As you know, I’ll be talking to Mark Moss. The entrepreneur has endured a lot of financial ups and downs over his long career. His quest to understand why led him to study market cycles… which led to a fascinating discovery.

Essentially, he’s seeing a convergence of historic proportions.

For the past several decades, governments have gradually increased their power — inserting themselves into people’s everyday lives. The gap between the policymakers and the citizens those policies affect is greater than it has been in generations.

In other words, nations have been trending towards centralization. But, Mark says, “history tells us that we will peak and we’ll eventually swing back.”

Mark thinks “peak centralization” is already underway. “Everyone can see,” Mark explains, “that we’re at peak centralization and we’re pushing back.”

Let’s make it real simple… there are periods in history when everyone thinks “heck, I can do this myself; I don’t need to be governed.”

There are also periods in history when strong men come along and force you to be governed.

We’re in one of the periods where we’re being forced to be governed. History has a habit of shaking off the strong men.

The cycles matter because fortunes are made and lost during these paradigm shifts. And by fortune we are not expressly talking about money gained or lost. Good luck. Good fortune. It helps to read and listen to what guys like Mark Moss are thinking…

We’ll hear more from Mr. Moss tomorrow. You’ll enjoy it.

Follow your bliss,

Addison Wiggin

Addison Wiggin
Founder, The Financial Reserve

Addison Wiggin

Addison Wiggin Addison Wiggin is an American writer, publisher, and filmmaker. He was the founder of Agora Financial and publisher for 18 years. An acclaimed New York Times best-selling author, his books include: Financial Reckoning DayEmpire of DebtThe Demise of the Dollar, and The Little Book of the Shrinking Dollar. Addison is also the writer and executive producer of the documentary I.O.U.S.A., an exposé on the national debt, shortlisted for an Academy Award in 2008. He lives in Baltimore, Maryland with his family. Addison started his latest project, The Wiggin Sessions, powered by The Essential Investor, in March 2020. He films from a homegrown studio in his basement.