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The Wiggin Sessions

“They’re blacklisting American citizens!”

By November 6, 2023No Comments

“They’re blacklisting American citizens!”

Featuring Michael Rectenwald

Hosted by Addison Wiggin

We’re not going to defeat the state just by sheer will. We need to do it through activity, and that activity is partially involved in dismantling it from the inside and the ground up.”

Michael RectenwaldLibertarian Party candidate for President

We sit down with Michael Rectenwald, the Libertarian Party candidate for President and a former NYU Professor known as “The Deplorable NYU Prof.” Rectenwald has appeared on major network political talk shows, including Tucker Carlson Tonight and The Glenn Beck Show.

Join us as we delve into the complex world of woke-ism, its connection to Marxism, and the rise of secularism. Rectenwald, a champion of liberty, opposes all forms of totalitarianism and political authoritarianism, including socialism-communism, “social justice,” fascism, political correctness, and “woke” ideology.

We explore the role of the internet in the fight against woke-ism, discussing free speech, misinformation, disinformation, and conspiracy theories. Learn how these issues extend beyond the digital realm and impact global dynamics.

Rectenwald sheds light on “The Great Reset” and the governmentalization of private industry, highlighting the significance of these topics for our society.

Discover why Michael Rectenwald chose to run for President as a Libertarian and how his platform addresses the pressing issues of our time.

We also touch on various topics, including potential chaos in future elections, the military-industrial complex, the situation in Ukraine and Israel, border security, and the ongoing battle over government spending.

Join us for this engaging conversation that delves deep into the heart of contemporary issues with Michael Rectenwald, a unique and outspoken figure in today’s political landscape. Don’t miss it!

Addison Wiggin

Addison Wiggin Addison Wiggin is an American writer, publisher, and filmmaker. He was the founder of Agora Financial and publisher for 18 years. An acclaimed New York Times best-selling author, his books include: Financial Reckoning DayEmpire of DebtThe Demise of the Dollar, and The Little Book of the Shrinking Dollar. Addison is also the writer and executive producer of the documentary I.O.U.S.A., an exposé on the national debt, shortlisted for an Academy Award in 2008. He lives in Baltimore, Maryland with his family. Addison started his latest project, The Wiggin Sessions, powered by The Essential Investor, in March 2020. He films from a homegrown studio in his basement.